Fendi’s Year Of The Dragon Collection Includes A Dragonite-Shaped Bag

  • Pokemon and Fendi collaborate to create a line of dragon-themed bags, featuring Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite.
  • The highlight of the collection is a Dragonite-shaped bag, called a baguette, and there are other options like an embroidered bag and a men’s bag with a mid-attack Dragonite design.
  • The collection will be available from January 4, 2024, but the prices are not listed yet. Similar Fendi items are known to cost thousands of dollars, but there will also be virtual Fendi items available in Pokemon Go.

It’s remarkable that despite being at the top of its game for more than 25 years and seemingly teaming up with just about every other company under the sun, Pokemon finds a way to collaborate with someone entirely new pretty much every single week. Next is Fendi, a high-end fashion brand established in Italy almost 100 years ago. Pokemon and Fendi have collaborated to create a line of bags to celebrate the year of the dragon, and some famous Dragon-type Pokemon are its stars.

Fendi Dragonite-Shaped Bag

Fendi has revealed a collection of items featuring Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. The highlight of the collection – for me at least – is a bag, or a baguette as Fendi calls them, shaped just like Dragonite. Pictured with a slightly smaller Dratini marquetry bag, it’s unclear whether the two items come as a pair or can be bought separately. The prices are also not listed yet, but odds are anything in this collection is going to cost you a lot of Pokecoins. You can check out the whole collection in the tweet below courtesy of Up To Date.

Fendi Dragonite-Shaped Bag

Other highlights in the collection include a Dragonite tote bag and Dragonair jewelry. All of the items in the Pokemon x Fendi x Frgmt collection will be available to buy in Fendi boutiques and through the store’s website from January 4, 2024, so the perfect way to kick off the year of the dragon. Provided you have the money to do so since, as noted, these bags will almost certainly cost quite a bit.

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